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cordy-pictureSadly, a creative error in the otherwise brilliant televised version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and it’s partner in crime, Angel ), has prevented not only crossovers between shows, but also screen time depicting romantic/cute/sexy main-text relationship development between Buffy and Cordelia. And if you’re visiting this site, then you know how bad both of those decisions are. I mean, if Willow can be gay, can’t anybody? Well, while that’s being debated, we can always turn to the fan-fiction producing community to spark our imaginations and satisfy our B/C needs.


buffy-pictureWe’ve tried to gather all we could find for your reading pleasure, but before you browse our growing stacks, the obligatory warning has to be stated. The following stories have various ratings, which deal with what some would call, “alternative” subject matter.

Basically, the main focus in all of the fics below will generally be some form of f/f love involving the pair of aforementioned characters. Because they could go from a Disney “G” up to naughty “NC-17” descriptions of lesbian sex, we ask that underage readers turn back until the law says your innocent peepers can look at this collection (although we know you probably won’t listen, it still had to be done ;-).

cordy-imageNow that we’ve covered our butts on the legal front…enjoy!